06.08 PPL Providence, RI Mem1 / Exceptet
03.20 95 Empire Providence, RI Tongue Depressor+Larkin/Adaa/C.Sig
07.27 MWM Pawtucket, RI S Decker, Beige, Statues of Eden
07.06 Automata Los Angeles, CA w/ Martin & Homler, Rothbaum, Lay
06.04 Non-Event Brookline, MA Mem1 / Cormier, Sandoval / Ullmann
04.15 Modern Sounds Providence, RI Mem1 + Andrea Young
11.30 Summer St Providence, RI w/ A. Wolman, N. Leonard, F. Caruso
08.08 MWM Pawtucket, RI w/ Meinschaft, Hampshire, Amat, HOF
02.13 Aurora Providence, RI w/ D. Wyche, C. Allin, House Red
02.04 Ars Subtilior #8 Providence, RI w/ works by Oliveros & Lamb
11.26 Random Gear Fest Providence, RI w/ Casserole, Moldof + Simmons et al.
09.16 Waterworks Boston, MA w/ B. Murray, AgX Filmmakers Collective
08.07 DOT AIR 2016 Pawtucket, RI w/ A. Young, S. Hennies, L. Amat et al.
07.28 Volume / NPU Los Angeles, CA w/ R. Menzies, S. Davachi + P. Clipson
06.25 Re:Sound Vallejo, CA w/ D. Menche, C. Duncan, Z.J. Watkins
05.16 Aurora Providence, RI w/ Svarte Greiner, V. Sinclair, Scarpa
03.10 186 Carpenter Providence, RI Mem1, Vitiello + Leonard, Moldof
11.08 Aurora Providence, RI w/ B Belleure/Pod Blotz/Amat+Reveneau
07.17 SASSAS at MorYork Los Angeles, CA Mem1, Robert Schwarz
07.12 Museum of CA Art Pasadena, CA Steve Roden + Mem1
06.21 MWM Pawtucket, RI w/ T Dorji, Schofield/Moldof, K Whitman
04.03 186 Carpenter Providence, RI Mem1, Benny Nelson, Park & Tamirisa
03.01 Proxy Providence, RI w/ Deleuzer/Parker/Schofield/Frey/Moldof
12.29 Psychic Readings Providence, RI w/ Phurnne/Blue Shift/MU/Sunk Heaven
11.24 MWM Pawtucket, RI Mem1 + Faravelli, M E-W, S/H, Moldof
11.20 Washington St. Arts Boston, MA Mem1, SULT, Jesse Summers
08.27 Nightvisions Providence, RI Amat/Parker/Underwood/Kuhne/Morosky
07.26 AS220 Providence, RI w/ Mori + Moldof, Sondheim + Carter, InC
07.12 Soundwave Biennial San Francisco, CA w/ C Leonard + O Stern, E Vargas
06.05 MWM Pawtucket, RI w/ Braveyoung, High Aura'd, House Red
03.27 O' Milan, IT Mem1 presentation / performance
03.21 Psychic Readings Providence, RI w/ Schematics, W/D, Hernandez & Ruin
12.12 MIT Bartos Theatre Cabridge, MA Mem1, Cloud Ludum Ensemble
10.09 MWM Pawtucket, RI w/ Clay Rendering, HB, Pool, MM&W
09.15 186 Carpenter Providence, RI Mem1, Ed Osborn
08.08 Galerie Sans Nom Moncton, NB Mem1: LeHum vol. 1 no. 5
05.16 Grant Hall Providence, RI w/ Steve Roden, Caroline Park
04.07 A.I.R. Gallery Brooklyn, NY Mem1: Andrei Rublev – 60 minutes
03.08 Granoff Center Providence, RI Mem1 + S Vitiello, E Osborn, P Bussigel
02.16 Ctrl+Alt+Repeat Providence, RI w/ C Park, L Moldof, Mullen + Whitman
06.09 Wave Energy Series San Diego, CA No Fancy, Cloudseeder
05.29 Re:Flux Festival Moncton, NB w/ Bill Orcutt, Paranerd, André Cormier
01.16 Cafe OTO London, UK w/ Attila Faravelli, D Thomas Freeman
10.01 Equinoxygen Festival Teaneck, NJ Mem1 + Vitiello, Hudak, Honig, Deupree
09.23 Pixilerations Providence, RI w/ B Rovan + L Leone, J Moses et al.
08.27 UVM 2011 Montreal, QC w/ Salvail, Saint-Denis, Kapuscinski
05.29 AS220 Providence, RI w/ Mark Lord,Pregnant Spore, Yellow...
05.12 Firehouse 13 Providence, RI w/ E Karel, L Goeringer, CMW Players
05.07 BCA / Mills Gallery Boston, MA w/ Nonce Ensemble
03.31 Non-Event Boston, MA w/ Frank Bretschneider
02.05 186 Carpenter Providence, RI w/ Area C, Joe Cantrell
01.27 RK Projects Olneyville, RI w/ Area C, Animal Hospital, et al.
10.01 Pixilerations Providence, RI w/ Freida Abtan, Rovan/Leone et al.
07.31 Le Cagibi Montreal, QC w/ R Henke, F Abtan, S Turner
07.29 Issue Project Room Brooklyn, NY w/ J Narveson, Fefferman/Welch
06.26 Volume at TAM Torrance, CA w/ Kadet, Y Novak, J Boyd et al.
05.31 Synchronicity Space Los Angeles, CA w/ Svarte Greiner, Yann Novak et al.
05.20 Resbox Los Angeles, CA w/ Nakatani/Tiner/Drake, L Escude
01.31 Pacific Design Ctr Los Angeles, CA w/ Jen Boyd, Adam Overton, Julia Holter
12.04 Yerba Buena Arts San Francisco, CA w/ Kadet Kuhne, Elise Baldwin
11.22 Redcat Lounge Los Angeles, CA w/ qqq, Spastic Colon
11.12 Luggage Store San Francisco, CA w/ 15 Degrees Below Zero
11.07 Blim Vancouver, BC w/ J Allport, A Young, J Drouin
11.05 Jewelbox Theater Seattle, WA w/ Wyndel Hunt, S Barsotti, Tiflin
11.04 Dunes Portland, OR w/ Pulse Emitter, Daniel Menche
10.02 LACE Los Angeles, CA w/ S Roden, Domizil + ICST Zurich
09.26 Pehrspace Los Angeles, CA w/ Novak/Long, Sublamp, Help [...]
09.24 Slow Sound Long Beach, CA w/ Aaron Ximm, Missincinnati
08.13 Natsoulas Gallery Davis, CA w/ Jen Boyd, K Corcoran
07.22 Echo Curio Echo Park, CA w/ A Paul, E Keszler, Monsturo
07.21 Psychotechnics Los Angeles. CA w/ A Paul, E Keszler, D Romero
05.09 5 Traverse Gallery Providence, RI w/ Area C, Ashley Paul
05.07 Outpost 186 Boston, MA w/ Area C, Courtney Brown
05.02 King Street Manor Northampton, MA w/ Area C
05.01 L'Envers Montreal, QC w/ Area C, La Part Maudite
04.30 Monkeyhouse Burlington, VT w/ Area C
04.25 Listen / Space Brooklyn, NY w/ Area C, Ben Owen + Tom Mulligan
04.24 Brickbat Books Philadelphia, PA w/ Area C
04.23 Pyramid Atlantic Silver Spring, MD w/ Area C, Fast Forty
04.22 Ghost Print Gallery Richmond, VA w/ Area C, S Vitiello + M Berg
03.27 Borealis Festival Bergen, Norway w/ Whistle Pig Saloon, Faust, et al.
03.16 Landmark Kunsthall Bergen, Norway w/ Lovecult, Nesbø, Røkland+ Skog
03.06 Transplant Dale in Sunnfjord w/ Maia Urstad, Are Hauffen
03.02 HKS Bergen, Norway w/ Liora Belford
02.15 Sound of Mu Oslo, Norway w/ Liondaler, Miasmah DJs
01.05 Laptopia #5 Tel-Aviv, Israel w/ G Aubry, M Schmickler, H Koch

Mem1 at the Providence Public Library
Mem1 will be performing at the Providence Public Library as part of a concert presented by Verdant Vibes on June 8. The concert will also feature the seven-piece ensemble Exceptet, who will be premiering a new arrangement of “In Abeyance” by Laure M. Hiendl, who describes the work as “a sonic ‘animated still-life’...that exists in time and space and which is presented from various, ever so slightly shifting angles.” More information available via Verdant Vibes.

Mem1 at AS220 Black Box
We will be performing at the AS220 Black Box in Providence, RI on March 20. The evening will also include performances by Tongue Depressor + Austin Larkin, Adaa, and Current Signal. More information available here. 95 Empire Street | 8pm | $10.

Mem1 performs Cormier at ECC / KCB
We will be premiering a new piece by composer André Cormier entitled Sol Branche Feuille Pluie on June 4 as part of an evening of works presented by Non-Event, Goethe-Institut Boston, and swissnex Boston. The evening will also feature a performance of Jakob Ullmann’s Müntzer's Stern by French bassoonist Dafne Vicente-Sandoval. For more information, please visit the Non-Event website.

New album with Steve Roden out now
Our new album, A Floating Wave of Air, recorded with Steve Roden on two occasions over a period of five years, is now available through Estuary Ltd. For more information please visit the Estuary website.

Steve Roden + Mem1 at the PMCA
We will be performing with Steve Roden at the Pasadena Museum of California Art on Sunday, and will have advance copies of the new Steve Roden + Mem1 release on hand. For more information, check out the Facebook event page.

We'll be performing at Grant's Block in downtown Providence on August 27 as part of an evening we helped put together for AS220's Nightvisions series, featuring performances by Laurie Amat and Donna Parker and video screenings by Matt Underwood, Kadet Kuhne and Adam Morosky. For more information, check out the Facebook event page.

Mascaret at Soundwave ((6))
We will be premiering our new audiovisual work Mascaret as part of Mediate's Soundwave Art & Music Biennial on July 12 at the Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco. Mascaret features footage of one of the few North American tidal bores, filmed on location in the Canadian Maritimes. For more, please visit the Soundwave site.

Mem1 Residency at O'
We will be in residence at O', a Milan-based interdisciplinary space that promotes art exhibitions, lectures, performances, experimental production, concerts and editions in conjunction with the record label/publishing house Die Schachtel, from March 22 – 31. During our residency, we will be recording material for a new studio album, and presenting our work on March 27. For more information, please visit: http://www.on-o.org/

Mem1 at MIT Bartos Theatre
Mem1 will be performing as part of the Ampersand concert series presented by the List Art Center and WMBR in conjunction with the Chris Marker exhibition, which will be on display in the galley above Bartos Theater until 8PM when the performance starts. Also appearing will be guitar, vibes, and electronics trio Cloud Ludum Ensemble, led by Russian guitarist Anastasiya Dumma. For more information, check out the Ampersand site.