06.08PPLProvidence, RIMem1 / Exceptet
03.2095 EmpireProvidence, RITongue Depressor+Larkin/Adaa/C.Sig
07.27MWMPawtucket, RIS Decker, Beige, Statues of Eden
07.06AutomataLos Angeles, CAw/ Martin & Homler, Rothbaum, Lay
06.04Non-EventBrookline, MAMem1 / Cormier, Sandoval / Ullmann
04.15Modern SoundsProvidence, RIMem1 + Andrea Young
11.30Summer StProvidence, RIw/ A. Wolman, N. Leonard, F. Caruso
08.08MWMPawtucket, RIw/ Meinschaft, Hampshire, Amat, HOF
02.13AuroraProvidence, RIw/ D. Wyche, C. Allin, House Red
02.04Ars Subtilior #8Providence, RIw/ works by Oliveros & Lamb
11.26Random Gear FestProvidence, RIw/ Casserole, Moldof + Simmons et al.
09.16WaterworksBoston, MAw/ B. Murray, AgX Filmmakers Collective
08.07DOT AIR 2016Pawtucket, RIw/ A. Young, S. Hennies, L. Amat et al.
07.28Volume / NPULos Angeles, CAw/ R. Menzies, S. Davachi + P. Clipson
06.25Re:SoundVallejo, CAw/ D. Menche, C. Duncan, Z.J. Watkins
05.16AuroraProvidence, RIw/ Svarte Greiner, V. Sinclair, Scarpa
03.10186 CarpenterProvidence, RIMem1, Vitiello + Leonard, Moldof
11.08AuroraProvidence, RIw/ B Belleure/Pod Blotz/Amat+Reveneau
07.17SASSAS at MorYorkLos Angeles, CAMem1, Robert Schwarz
07.12Museum of CA ArtPasadena, CASteve Roden + Mem1
06.21MWMPawtucket, RIw/ T Dorji, Schofield/Moldof, K Whitman
04.03186 CarpenterProvidence, RIMem1, Benny Nelson, Park & Tamirisa
03.01ProxyProvidence, RIw/ Deleuzer/Parker/Schofield/Frey/Moldof
12.29Psychic ReadingsProvidence, RIw/ Phurnne/Blue Shift/MU/Sunk Heaven
11.24MWMPawtucket, RIMem1 + Faravelli, M E-W, S/H, Moldof
11.20Washington St. ArtsBoston, MAMem1, SULT, Jesse Summers
08.27NightvisionsProvidence, RIAmat/Parker/Underwood/Kuhne/Morosky
07.26AS220Providence, RIw/ Mori + Moldof, Sondheim + Carter, InC
07.12Soundwave BiennialSan Francisco, CAw/ C Leonard + O Stern, E Vargas
06.05MWMPawtucket, RIw/ Braveyoung, High Aura'd, House Red
03.27O'Milan, ITMem1 presentation / performance
03.21Psychic ReadingsProvidence, RIw/ Schematics, W/D, Hernandez & Ruin
12.12MIT Bartos TheatreCabridge, MAMem1, Cloud Ludum Ensemble
10.09MWMPawtucket, RIw/ Clay Rendering, HB, Pool, MM&W
09.15186 CarpenterProvidence, RIMem1, Ed Osborn
08.08Galerie Sans NomMoncton, NBMem1: LeHum vol. 1 no. 5
05.16Grant HallProvidence, RIw/ Steve Roden, Caroline Park
04.07A.I.R. GalleryBrooklyn, NYMem1: Andrei Rublev – 60 minutes
03.08Granoff CenterProvidence, RIMem1 + S Vitiello, E Osborn, P Bussigel
02.16Ctrl+Alt+RepeatProvidence, RIw/ C Park, L Moldof, Mullen + Whitman
06.09Wave Energy SeriesSan Diego, CANo Fancy, Cloudseeder
05.29Re:Flux FestivalMoncton, NBw/ Bill Orcutt, Paranerd, André Cormier
01.16Cafe OTOLondon, UKw/ Attila Faravelli, D Thomas Freeman
10.01Equinoxygen FestivalTeaneck, NJMem1 + Vitiello, Hudak, Honig, Deupree
09.23PixilerationsProvidence, RIw/ B Rovan + L Leone, J Moses et al.
08.27UVM 2011Montreal, QCw/ Salvail, Saint-Denis, Kapuscinski
05.29AS220Providence, RIw/ Mark Lord,Pregnant Spore, Yellow...
05.12Firehouse 13Providence, RIw/ E Karel, L Goeringer, CMW Players
05.07BCA / Mills GalleryBoston, MAw/ Nonce Ensemble
03.31Non-EventBoston, MAw/ Frank Bretschneider
02.05186 CarpenterProvidence, RIw/ Area C, Joe Cantrell
01.27RK ProjectsOlneyville, RIw/ Area C, Animal Hospital, et al.
10.01PixilerationsProvidence, RIw/ Freida Abtan, Rovan/Leone et al.
07.31Le CagibiMontreal, QCw/ R Henke, F Abtan, S Turner
07.29Issue Project RoomBrooklyn, NYw/ J Narveson, Fefferman/Welch
06.26Volume at TAMTorrance, CAw/ Kadet, Y Novak, J Boyd et al.
05.31Synchronicity SpaceLos Angeles, CAw/ Svarte Greiner, Yann Novak et al.
05.20ResboxLos Angeles, CAw/ Nakatani/Tiner/Drake, L Escude
01.31Pacific Design CtrLos Angeles, CAw/ Jen Boyd, Adam Overton, Julia Holter
12.04Yerba Buena ArtsSan Francisco, CAw/ Kadet Kuhne, Elise Baldwin
11.22Redcat LoungeLos Angeles, CAw/ qqq, Spastic Colon
11.12Luggage StoreSan Francisco, CAw/ 15 Degrees Below Zero
11.07BlimVancouver, BCw/ J Allport, A Young, J Drouin
11.05Jewelbox TheaterSeattle, WAw/ Wyndel Hunt, S Barsotti, Tiflin
11.04DunesPortland, ORw/ Pulse Emitter, Daniel Menche
10.02LACELos Angeles, CAw/ S Roden, Domizil + ICST Zurich
09.26PehrspaceLos Angeles, CAw/ Novak/Long, Sublamp, Help [...]
09.24Slow SoundLong Beach, CAw/ Aaron Ximm, Missincinnati
08.13Natsoulas GalleryDavis, CAw/ Jen Boyd, K Corcoran
07.22Echo CurioEcho Park, CAw/ A Paul, E Keszler, Monsturo
07.21PsychotechnicsLos Angeles. CAw/ A Paul, E Keszler, D Romero
05.095 Traverse GalleryProvidence, RIw/ Area C, Ashley Paul
05.07Outpost 186Boston, MAw/ Area C, Courtney Brown
05.02King Street ManorNorthampton, MAw/ Area C
05.01L'EnversMontreal, QCw/ Area C, La Part Maudite
04.30MonkeyhouseBurlington, VTw/ Area C
04.25Listen / SpaceBrooklyn, NYw/ Area C, Ben Owen + Tom Mulligan
04.24Brickbat BooksPhiladelphia, PAw/ Area C
04.23Pyramid AtlanticSilver Spring, MDw/ Area C, Fast Forty
04.22Ghost Print GalleryRichmond, VAw/ Area C, S Vitiello + M Berg
03.27Borealis FestivalBergen, Norwayw/ Whistle Pig Saloon, Faust, et al.
03.16Landmark KunsthallBergen, Norwayw/ Lovecult, Nesbø, Røkland+ Skog
03.06TransplantDale in Sunnfjordw/ Maia Urstad, Are Hauffen
03.02HKSBergen, Norwayw/ Liora Belford
02.15Sound of MuOslo, Norwayw/ Liondaler, Miasmah DJs
01.05Laptopia #5Tel-Aviv, Israelw/ G Aubry, M Schmickler, H Koch

Mem1 / Ed Osborn Dual Release Party
Mem1 and Ed Osborn will be performing at the storefront at 186 Carpenter St. in Providence on Sunday, September 15 at 3pm to celebrate their new releases. Ed Osborn's "Stone North" will be released on Estuary Ltd. on October 1, and Mem1's "Anticipations + Suspensions" double album will be released on Radical Matters Editions / Label (Italy) on 9/15. Pre-release copies of "Stone North" will be on hand, as will a numbered, limited edition CD-R of "Suspensions" with a unique letterpress duotone of the digital release's art. The performance will be streamed live on Radical Matters Editions / Label's MetaSound Channel for those who are unable to attend.

Andrei Rublev – 60 minutes
Mem1 is performing “Andrei Rublev – 60 minutes” at A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn on Sunday, April 7. This piece utilizes one of Naho Taruishi's recent drawings “Andrei Rublev – 185 minutes” as the musical score. “Andrei Rublev – 60 minutes” is the trajectory from the film to the drawing and ultimately to sound. For more information, please download the Press Release.

Mem1 + Stephen Vitiello at the Granoff Center for the Arts
Mem1 will be joining Stephen Vitiello in performing a live score to a section of D.W. Griffith's 1920 silent film Way Down East at Brown University's Granoff Center for the Arts on Friday, March 8 at 8pm. The evening will also feature performances by Ed Osborn and Peter Bussigel. For more information, please visit the Brown University Creative Arts Council website.

Ctrl+Alt+Repeat (Winter 2013)
Mem1 is proud to present the Winter 2013 edition of Ctrl+Alt+Repeat, a mini-festival spanning two evenings in mid-February. The concerts will feature the compositions 60 Pieces of Sound by Jurg Frey, performed by the Community MusicWorks Players and Gentle Fire by Alvin Lucier, realized by Caroline Park. In addition, there will be performances by local and Boston-based musicians: Rueben Son, Ed Osborn, and Vic Rawlings with Michael Bullock on Friday and Luke Moldof, Mem1, and Geoff Mullen with Keith Fullerton Whitman on Saturday. These concerts are presented in conjunction with Community MusicWorks and are made possible in part by ArtPlace and Stop Wasting Abandoned Properties. For more information, please visit: http://www.ctrl-alt-repeat.com

Mem1 at Re:Flux Festival
Mem1 will be performing at this year's Re:Flux Festival in Moncton, New Brunswick. The festival also features performances by Bill Orcutt, Matthew Shipp and the music of composer-in-residence André Cormier. For more information, please visit: http://www.festival-reflux.com/

SoundFjord Residency
We will be in residence at the London-based SoundFjord sound art gallery and research unit from January 9-21, during which time we will create a new site-specific installation entitled "Visiting Hours II." There will be an opening on Jan. 21, and the piece will be on view from Jan 22 through Feb. 24. For more information, please visit: http://www.soundfjord.org/

Non-Event Podcast
Our new track, Vela, is featured in Non-Event's 2011 Year-in-Revew Podcast alongside some other new and exclusive music by artists like Mark Fell, Francisco Lopez, Aster and Rafael Toral with Chris Corsano. Be sure to check it out at: http://nonevent.org/2011-podcast-series/1/index.html

Tetra in Textura's top albums of the year
We're proud to announce that our Tetra LP made it into Textura magazine's top albums of the year... For more information, please visit: http://bit.ly/s7e3lU

Aphrosia at Pixilerations 2011
Video of Aphrosia at Pixilerations 2011 up on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/31059670

Mem1 + Stephen Vitiello performance
We will be performing with Stephen Vitiello as part of One Thousand Pulses' day-long 2011 Equinoxygen Festival at Fairleigh Dickinson University on October 1. The festival also features performances by John Hudak, Ezekiel Honig, Taylor Deupree with Marcus Fischer, and more. For more information, visit: http://onethousandpulses.com

Sonodendron at SoundFjord
SoundFjord will be screening Sonodendron, our 2007 collaboration with video artist Liora Belford as part of their First Birthday Celebration this Sunday. For more information on the day's events, please visit: http://bit.ly/omrX55

Re/Flux at the London ICA
Our new audiovisual work "Aphrosia" will be featured as part of SoundFjord's Re/Flux at the ICA in London on Saturday, July 16. The evening's program features Andie Brown, Bug Compass, Clinker, David Kristian, + Marie Davidson, Emilian Gatsov, Gastón Arévalo, Graham Dunning, Heribert Friedl, i8u + Cédrick Eymenier, Martin Clarke, Matthew Sansom, Mem1, mimosa|moize, Robert Crouch, Rubedo, Scant Intone, Simon Whetham, Somadrone, Steve Roden, Sublamp, Thomas Park, Tomas Phillips, TU M', Wil Bolton, William Fowler Collins, + Claudia X. Valdes, and Yann Novak. 8pm, free. More information available at: http://bit.ly/qBqzJ7

Age of Insects
New album with Stephen Vitiello out now on Dragon's Eye Recordings: http://bit.ly/hP58qf

Record release party
Mem1 / Area C joint record release party on Saturday February 5 with special guest Joe Cantrell performing "Shift Register" for brain wave analysis, computer and hyperdirectional sound. 8pm at 186 Carpenter St. Providence, RI. Free! http://on.fb.me/ezgRms

Textura feature
Mem1's "Top 10 Most Influential Live Performances" are featured in this month's issue of Textura magazine. Check them out at: http://www.textura.org/

Eastern Butcher Block Show/Fest
Mem1 will be performing at RK Projects' Eastern Butcher Block Show/Fest on Thursday, January 27 alongside Area C, Animal Hospital, Blackthread, and Tritanium Alloy. Show starts at 9pm. More info at: http://on.fb.me/h72kwd

RF Podcast
Mem1 live set featured on Rare Frequency podcast: http://bit.ly/hXmghJ

Rare Frequency
Mem1 live in-studio performance on Rare Frequency tonight + interview online… Tune in at 90.3 FM or stream it live: http://bit.ly/f0CapI

Textura review of Tetra
Glowing review of Tetra up now on Textura: http://bit.ly/dFGJJZ

New Mem1 album on Estuary Ltd.
Mem1's new album, Tetra is now available through Estuary Ltd. http://bit.ly/ffLk3Z

Dragon's Eye Fifth Anniversary Comp
Exclusive new Mem1 + Stephen Vitiello track available for free download from Dragon's Eye... http://bit.ly/dPngFH

Pixilerations v.7
Performing as part of this year's Pixilerations festival in Brown University's Grant Hall on Fri 10.01. More at: http://www.pixilerations.org

Le Cagibi
Performing alongside Robert Henke, Freida Abtan and Turner of Wheels at Le Cagibi in Montreal on Sat 07.31. More info: http://bit.ly/ajvcaO

Floating Points Festival at Issue Project Room
Mem1 is performing as part of the Floating Points Festival at Issue Project Room in New York on Thursday 07.29 alongside Jascha Narveson + Lainie Fefferman w/ Matt Welch. More at http://bit.ly/dmAoDi

Volume presents Presence at the Torrance Art Musuem
Mem1 will be performing as part of an afternoon of immersive sound, video, and durational performance work at the Torrance Art Museum on June 26, 12-5pm. Artists include Jen Boyd, Frank Bretschneider, Jeff Cain & Mark Steger, Heather Cassils & Kadet Kuhne, Richard Chartier, i8u & Cédrick Eymenier, Monique Jenkinson, Marc Manning, Mem1, A.B. Miner, Yann Novak, Adam Overton, Taisha Paggett, Semiconductor, and Sublamp. http://bit.ly/cTQ9z9

Ctrl+Alt+Repeat [Summer 2010]
Ctrl+Alt+Repeat w/ Svarte Greiner, Yann Novak, Crystal Hell Pool, Mem1, Robin + Cassia Streb performing Cat Lamb's Parallel/Moving. http://bit.ly/aGTSuW

LA Weekly Pick of the Week
The LA Weekly gave this coming Monday's Ctrl+Alt+Repeat a very nice writeup + Pick of the Week... http://bit.ly/aGSiw5

Mem1 at ResBox
Mem1 will be presenting their new audiovisual performance Hraesvelgr at ResBox. Steve Allen Theater, Thurs 05.20 / 8pm. http://bit.ly/cT2Uxp

Sound Proector
"+1" rated among the top 10 releases of 2009 by Sound Proector: http://www.soundproector.com/?cat=top10

CLOSER 104.7 at the Pacific Design Center
Mem1 is performing alongside Jen Boyd & Adam Overton at Art LA Contemporary, Pacific Design Center, Sun 01.31 / 3pm. http://bit.ly/bva4Ii

Kadet + Mem1
Performing Infinite Delay with Kadet on Friday at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in SF. For more info, go to: http://www.tektonicshift.com

West Coast Tour
Mem1 is touring the West Coast this month, with dates in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, SF and LA. More info at: http://mem1.com/wc09

Mem1 at LACE
Mem1 performs at LACE on 10.02 alongside Steve Roden, Maeder/Schurer/Jasch (domizil) + Pérez/Bisig/Neukom/Kocher (ICST): http://bit.ly/Ktaax

Mem1 at Pehrspace
Mem1 is performing at Pehrspace on 09.26 along w/ Yann Novak + Will Long, Sublamp, and Help is on the Way. More at: http://pehrspace.org

Slow Sound
Mem1 will be performing on the Slow Sound Festival on 9/24 alongside Aaron Ximm + Missincinnati. http://www.slowsound.org

Mem1 in Davis
Mem1, Jen Boyd (field recordings), K. Corcoran (percussion) at John Natsoulas Gallery. Thurs, Aug. 13. http://bit.ly/17JBkC

Mem1 at the Echo Curio
Mem1 is playing at the Echo Curio tonight, alongside some friends of ours from both coasts: Ashley Paul and Eli Keszler from Providence, RI and LA's own Monsturo. More information and flyer here: http://www.mem1.com/0722/

Mem1 on KXLU
Mem1, Ashley Paul, Eli Keszler on Damion Romero's Psychotechnics tonight 12-2am PDT. LA: 88.9, streaming: http://live365.com/stations/kxlu2

+1 recommended by Boomkat
Read the review here: http://www.boomkat.com/item.cfm?id=212536

Mem1 on Facebook
For information, updates, and more go to: artist.to/mem1

+1 out now on Interval Recordings
We are very excited to that announce our new album, +1, a collection of collaborations with Jan Jelinek, Ido Govrin, Area C, RS-232, Frank Bretschneider, Kadet Kuhne, Jen Boyd, Jeremy Drake, and Steve Roden, has just been released by Interval Recordings. To hear excerpts and to order your copy, go to: http://www.interval-recordings.com

East Coast Tour
Mem1 is setting off on a two week tour of the East Coast with our good friend Erik Carlson (Area C) this week... Check the schedule to see exact dates and cities.

Borealis Festival
Mem1 will be performing at the 2009 Borealis Festival in Bergen, Norway on March 27. Friday night's program also features performances by Faust, Whistle Pig Saloon (Robert van Heumen & John Ferguson), Sigbjørn Apeland's Organtower, and Asamisimasa, who will be performing four pieces by Michael Finnisy. Logen Hall, 7pm. http://www.borealisfestival.no/2009/

Selvpresentasjonen at BEK
Mem1 will give an artist talk at the Bergen Elektroniske Kunstsenter (BEK) on Friday March 20 at 1pm. BEK, C. Sundtsgt. 55, top floor. For more information, go to: http://www.bek.no

Mem1 at Landmark
Mem1 will be performing at Landmark Kunsthall in Bergen, Norway on March 16, as part of BIT Teatergarasjen's PrøveRommet series. For more information, go to: http://www.proverommet.no

Cycle of Mutation / Disappearance
Mem1 collaborative sound installation / performance with Maia Urstad and Are Hauffen at Transplant, Dale i Sunnfjord, Norway. For more information: http://www.maia.no | http://www.arehauffen.no | http://www.transplant.nu

Glenn Bach's MPRNTBL netlabel has just released a recording of Mem1's performance at the Orange County Museum of Art on March 23, 2006. This recording is available for free download: http://www.mprntbl.com

Mem1 at Hordaland Kunstsenter
Mem1 will be screening some audiovisual work at the Hordaland Kunstsenter in Bergen, Norway on March 2, as part of BIT Teatergarasjen's PrøveRommet series. For more information, go to: http://www.proverommet.no

Mem1 at Sound of Mu in Oslo
Mem1 will be performing at Sound of Mu in Oslo on February 15, alongside Liondaler (Greg Haines & Danny Saul) and Miasmah dj´s Knive (aka Erik Skodvin aka Svarte Greiner) & Elin sunshine (from Children of Klang). More info at http://underskog.no/kalender/44883

Mem1 Residence at USF Verftet
We will be in residence at USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway from January 22 - March 30. For more information, check out the USF website: http://www.usf-verftet.no

Mem1 at Laptopia 5
Mem1 will be performing at Levontin 7 on Jan. 15 as part of Interval Recordings' annual Laptopia festival. The night will also feature performances by Amnon Wolman, Carsten Goertz, Duprass, Gilles Aubry, Hans W. Koch, Marcus Schmickler, Yaron Lapid, and Yossi Marc-Chaim. 10pm, 20NIS. Levontin 7, Tel-Aviv. For more information, go to: http://www.interval-recordings.com/html/laptopia.html

New 4-track EP on Resting Bell
A new 4-track EP entitled Stationary Drift will be released by Berlin-based netlabel Resting Bell on January 15. This release will be available as a free download, so go to the Resting Bell site to get your copy: http://www.restingbell.net/

Mem1 at Electronic Church
Mem1 will be performing at Electronic Chruch in Berlin alongside Frank Bretschneider in an early evening concert on Dec. 7. Doors at 4pm. Greifswlader Str. 223. http://www.mem1.com/electronic_church/

Mem1 at Sonic Peripheries
Mem1 will be featured at Galerie Kunstlerstatte Stuhr-Heiligenrode as part of Petra Klusmeyer's new Sonic Peripheries series. December 5 at 8 pm in Heiligenrode (DE). For more info: http://soundstudies.hfk-bremen.de

Mem1 Presentation
Mem1 has been invited to perform and speak at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in Hilversum (NL). Dec. 3, performances and workshops throughout the day.

Mem1 at Theater Kikker
Mem1 will be performing at Theater Kikker as part of their monthly Proeflokaal series. December 2 at 9 pm in Utrecht (NL), 3 Euros. For more info: http://www.theaterkikker.nl

Mem1 at Stadsgalerij
As part of our residency at Kunstenaarlogies, Mem1 will be performing at Stadsgalerij in Amersfoort. November 19 at 8 pm.

Mem1 at Kunstenaarslogies
Mem1 is in residence at Kunstenaarslogies in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. While in residence, we are developing the tools we built at STEIM and working on a new performance piece: http://www.kunstenaarslogi.es

Mem1 at STEIM
Starting September 29, Mem1 will partake in a two-week residency at STEIM in Amsterdam, NL. While we're there, we will also be performing on the Local Stop concert series on October 1. For more information, go to: http://www.steim.org

Sonodendron in Providence
Mem1 performs Sonodendron at White Electric in Providence as part of a night of audiovisual performances alongside Area C, Shawn Greenlee, and Frieda Abtan. Doors at 7 pm, show starts at 7:30 and ends at 10 pm. Donations appreciated. 711 Westminster Street, Providence, RI. Presented by Area C: http://www.areacmusic.com

Mem1 at Roulette
Mem1 presents the US live premiere of "Sonodendron" as part of the "Harvestworks Inside" performance series at Roulette. 20 Greene Street (between Canal & Grand), NYC. 8:30 pm. Admission: $15 / Harvestworks and DTW members, students & seniors: $10. for more, go to http://www.roulette.org

Mem1 and Community Musicworks present CTRL+ALT+REPEAT Winter 2008, featuring performances by Landon Rose and Mem1, as well as performances of Ken Ueno's "Age of Aircraft" by Laura Thomas-Merino and Kevin Patton's "That Every Mouth May Be Stopped" by the Community Musicworks Players. 8:00 pm. Firehouse 13, Providence, RI. http://www.ctrl-alt-repeat.org

Sonodendron Screening at Harvestworks
Harvestworks will be screening "Sonodendron," the result of Mem1's 2007 residency and a trip to Tel-Aviv to work with video artist Liora Belford. The piece features a 5.1 Surround Sound score. 596 Broadway #602, NYC. 8 pm, free. For more, go to: http://www.harvestworks.org

Mem1 + Area C
Mem1 will be performing with Area C on November 9 at the Cormack Planetarium in the Natural History Museum in the Roger Williams State Park, Providence, RI. Doors open at 6:30 pm, and the show starts at 7:30. For more information, go to the Area C site: http://www.areacmusic.com

Mem1 at AS220
Mem1 will be performing at AS220 on Oct. 31 along with Graycode and Exo Skel. AS220, 115 Empire Street, Providence, RI. http://www.as220.org

Mem1 at the Bushwick Starr
Mem1 will be performing at the Bushwick Starr along with Yoni Niv and Dan Blake. Bushwick Starr, 207 Starr Street between Irving and Wyckoff, Brooklyn, NY. http://www.thebushwickstarr.org

Mem1 at GASP
Mem1 will be performing at GASP's Sonic Arts series in Boston along with Julia Campbell and Joe Sexton. 8:30 pm. GASP at 362-4 Boylston Street, Brookline, MA 02445. http://gaspsound.blogspot.com

Mem1 + Envyloop
Mem1 will be performing with Envyloop (Butch Rovan and Ulrich Maiss) at this year's Pixilerations in Providence, RI. 10:00 pm. Pixilerations at the Space at Alice, 70 Eddy Street, Providence, RI. http://www.pixilerations.org

San Francisco Electronic Music Festival
Mem1 will be performing "Infinite Delay" with Kadet Kuhne at this year's San Francisco Electronic Music Festival on Sunday, Sept. 9. The night will also feature performances by Fred Frith with Patrice Scanlon and Nommo Ogo. For more information, go to http://www.sfemf.org

Mem1 in Tel-Aviv
Mem1 will be premiering a new audio-visual work produced with video artist Liora Belford of Duprass at Levontin 7 in Tel-Aviv on Sept. 4. The night will feature performances by Ido Govrin, Daniel Davidovsky, Amnon Wolman, Carmel Raz and Dan Weinstein. For more about the event, go to http://www.interval-recordings.com

Mem1 presents CTRL+ALT+REPEAT Summer 2007, featuring performances by Steve Roden, Jeremy Drake, David Monacchi, Marc Thomas, Substrate, and James Tenney's "Koan" performed by Robin Streb, viola. 4:00 pm. Dangerous Curve, downtown Los Angeles. http://www.ctrl-alt-repeat.org

Harvestworks Residency
Mem1 recieved a 2007 Harvestworks artist residency to create a Surround Sound piece exploring the bowels and ephemera of the cello. for more information, please visit htttp://www.harvestworks.org

Mem1 + Area C
Mem1 is performing with Area C on May 7, 2007 at the Cormack Planetarium in the Natural History Museum in the Roger Williams State Park, Providence, RI. Doors open at 7pm, and the show starts at 7:30. once the show starts, the doors are closed, so be sure to get there on time to avoid disappointment. For more information, go to http://www.areacmusic.com

Fringe Exhibitions
An audiovisual installation of Kadet Kuhne's "Infinite Delay" featuring sound by Kadet + Mem1 is up at Fringe Exhibitions in Los Angeles from April 14 through May 19. For more information, go to http://www.fringeexhibitions.com

Mem1 and Community MusicWorks present CTRL+ALT+REPEAT Winter 2007, featuring Area C, Forrest Larson, Rob Bethel, Mem1, and John Cage's "String Quartet in Four Parts" performed by Community MusicWorks players. 8:00 pm. Firehouse 13, Providence, RI. http://www.ctrl-alt-repeat.org

Sundance 2007
Kadet Kuhne's "Infinite Delay," featuring a musical score by Kadet + Mem1 screened at Sundance 2007. A streaming version of the film is available online, and a high-quality version is available through the Itunes store. for more information go to the Sundance site

Alexipharmaca out now on Interval Recordings
Mem1's second full-length album "Alexipharmaca" comes out on interval recordings on November 20! Thanks to Ido, Erik, Stefan & everyone at Interval for making this a beautiful reality. For more information, go to http://www.interval-recordings.com

Pixilerations 2
Mem1 performs their piece "Aurelia" at Pixilerations 3 in Providence. 10:00 pm. Pixilerations at 191 Westminster, Providence, RI. http://www.pixilerations.org

CTRL+ALT+REPEAT Spring / Summer 2006
Mem1 presents CTRL+ALT+REPEAT Spring/Summer 2006, featuring the U.S. premier of Andre Cormier's "Scrubbing," and performances by Damion Romero, Clay Chaplin, Hans Fjellestad, Seed Pod Pals, and Mem1. 8:00 pm. Dangerous Curve, downtown Los Angeles. http://www.ctrl-alt-repeat.org

Orange County Museum of Art
Mem1 performs as part of an evening of improvised music at the Orange County Museum of Art's Soundscapes series, curated by Glenn Bach. 6–9 pm. Free. Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach. http://www.ocma.net

Mem1 presents CTRL+ALT+REPEAT Winter 2006, featuring performances by Mark Trayle, Kraig Grady, David Rothbaum and Mem1. 4:00 pm. Inmo Gallery, downtown Los Angeles. http://www.ctrl-alt-repeat.org

CEAIT 2006
Mem1 accompanies Kadet Kuhne in creating a live score for her piece "Holding Pattern III: Infinite Delay" at the 2006 CEAIT Festival at REDCAT in the Walt Disney concert hall. 8:30 pm. $18 / $14 / $10. REDCAT at Disney Hall, downtown Los Angeles. http://www.redcat.org

Definiens Project
Mem1 performs as part of the Definiens Project's Crescent series. 7:30 pm at the Culver Hotel, Culver City. http://www.definiens.org

Mem1 presents CTRL+ALT+REPEAT Fall 2005, featuring performances by Frances-Marie Uitti, David Wessel, Jen Boyd, and Mem1. 8:30 pm. $5-10. Selah Artistic Giving Center, downtown Los Angeles. http://www.ctrl-alt-repeat.org

SoundWalk 2005
Mem1 performs at SoundWalk 2005 in Long Beach. http://www.soundwalk.org

Mem1 presents the second installation of CTRL+ALT+REPEAT at Il Corral, with performances by Mem1, Glenn Bach, Kadet Kuhne, RS-232 and an instrumental ensemble + robotics performing Terry Riley's "In C." 9:30 - midnight. BYOB. Sliding scale ($5-10) suggested donation. http://www.ctrl-alt-repeat.org

LA Art Fest
Mem1 performs at LA Art Fest 2005. http://www.laartfest.org

Improvisations + Edits
Mem1 debut album now available [Improvisations + Edits 08.2004 - 12.2004]

Mem1 performs live on Killradio.org. http://www.killradio.org

Mem1 is proud to present CTRL+ALT+REPEAT, featuring performances by the Penderecki String Quartet, Mem1, and dE3 and David Scott of Polyrhythmic. http://www.ctrl-alt-repeat.org

Opus 1
Mem1's "Opus 1" released on Polyrhythmic's Winter 2004 compilation cd.